Frequently asked questions about our properties.


Q. Where can I read rules and regulations for SWCA?

Our condominium declarations and by-laws as filed by the original
developer with the Medina County Recorder can be found as a menu
item on our home page. All unit owners should read the documents as
SWCA operates the complex under these rules and regulations. SWCA
is managed by the Board of Managers.

Q. What services will I receive for the monthly fee paid to SWCA?

SWCA uses the funds for exterior building and common area maintenance,
grass cutting and landscaping, snow removal, basic electrical service, and building insurance (not units or contents).
Units owners are responsible for maintaining or replacing anything
inside the drywall. Overhead garage doors and other access doors
must be maintained, repaired, or painted by the unit owner.

Q. When is my annual fee due?

We bill all owners early in December and request payment by the end of December. Past due notices are sent in January. Please be timely with your payments as SWCA uses the funds to pay for all standard operating expenses.

Q. What is the electric usage policy?

When originally constructed, the buildings were wired for minimal use
such as for ceiling lights, garage door openers, small battery chargers,
etc. There is a maximum of 20 amp service in each unit. Rewiring a unit
for additional service, such as 220v is strictly prohibited. All unit owners
and tenants are on the “honor system” and the Board highly
encourages everyone to implement measures to minimize electrical
consumption. Space heaters are strictly prohibited and can be a fire
hazard. We discourage use of dehumidifiers due to their high electric
consumption. If you have special circumstances that require the use
of a dehumidifier, please alert the SWCA Board so we can arrange to
charge a reasonable fee to cover additional electric cost to SWCA.

Q. How do I heat my unit?

All units are equipped with a gas furnace. To connect service, call
Columbia Gas of Ohio at 800-344-4077. Provide them the street
address of 1096 Medina Rd. and your unit number. This should be
your only source of heat as space heaters are prohibited. The unit
owner will be responsible for payment of heating expenses
directly to Columbia Gas of Ohio.

Q. Parking Policies

Our by-laws permit you to park a vehicle in front of your door during
the time you are at your unit. Overnight parking and parking in the
common areas of the driveways is not permitted. This policy is
necessary to allow the snow plow contractor to have full access for
proper snow removal. It also allows other unit owners or tenants to
navigate easily when driving their large RV’s, trailers, etc. Those owners
and tenants that violate this policy will be given a warning prior to
the vehicle being towed at the owner or tenants expense.

Q. Can anyone live in a unit or have pets?

Living in a unit is strictly prohibited in our by-laws. This includes living
in an RV that is parked in the unit. Pets are allowed when you visit your
unit but must be on a leash or contained in your unit. And of course
please pick up after your pet.

Q. Can I leave trash in the common areas and dump into the drainage system?

Please remove all trash and dispose of it properly. We do not provide
dumpsters at the complex. We have had owners and tenants leave wood,
trash bags, pallets, mattresses, tires and other items that cost SWCA to
properly dispose of. The catch basins and drains are exclusively used for
rain water and snow melt. It is strictly prohibited to dump used motor oil,
other automotive fluids, solvents, paint, gasoline or any other liquid. Never
dump RV holding tanks into the drainage system.

Q. Can I store flammables in my unit?

All flammables must be stored in their proper containers such as fuel tanks
permanently attached to vehicles, cans designed to store gasoline or diesel
paint cans, solvent containers, etc. It is essential to take all precautions to
eliminate the chance of fire or explosions. It is highly recommended that each
unit be equipped with an adequate number of fire extinguishers. There should
be absolutely no hazardous activities such as welding.

Q. Can anything be stored outside of my unit?

No, everything must be inside your unit or removed from the premises. Do not
leave vehicles parked while not at your unit.

Q. Do I need insurance on my unit?

SWCA provides insurance on the buildings, but not for the inside of your
unit or its contents. We recommend you consult with your insurance agent
to assure that you carry proper coverage. Please keep in mind if you are
violating by-laws, such as using a space heater, modifying the electric, or
doing something hazardous and we experience a loss, our insurance
carrier has a right to subrogate agains you to recover all losses.

Q. Can I use the attic area for storage or other purposes?

No, the attics are a part of the common area and are not to be used or
accessed for any purpose. Unit owners may not make any alterations,
additions or improvements to the common areas and facilities without
the written approval of the Board of Managers.

Q. Does SWCA provide security?

SWCA provides surveillance of the premises with cameras that are mounted
on each building. Recordings are made 24/7. If you wish to have an alarm
or security at your unit, you will need to arrange and pay for that service.